ConeT 1.03

ONET makes the design of standard sheet metal conical work very easy
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CONET makes the design of sheet metal conical work very easy and the pattern draughting of a cone surface flattened onto a 2D plane is reduced to entering a few key dimensions. CONET can handle right and oblique, full or frustum cones. Like with all Ty Harness Sheet Metal applications you control the design via parameter inputs. Cones are often used as hoppers, nozzles and transition pieces between pipes of different diameters.

The parameters describing a cone have been chosen for different users. CONET allows a tradesman/sheet metal worker to work in the dimensions that are easily measured on site or in the shop: Diameter, frustum height, and frustum offset. The sheet metal worker may not care about the surface area, volume or apex position. The costing department will need perimeters and areas for quoting and ordering etc. The engineer may need the internal volume for calculations. The parameter input method means you do not need any draughting or CAD skills to design sheet metal components - there is no learning curve.

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